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CCleaner v3.01

With millions of users, small improvements in speed can save a huge amount of time. We're very happy to announce that with this release CCleaner will not only start faster - you'll no longer need to reboot after cleaning Internet Explorer index.dat files!

And to all our users across the pond, a Happy Thanksgiving!

Change log:

  • Improved application startup time and INI loading speeds.
  • Removed need to reboot for Index.dat cleaning.
  • Improved cookie cleaning in Firefox 4.0 Beta 7.
  • Improved Chromium based browser detection and cleaning.
  • Added support for Adobe Reader 10 and Acronis True Image.
  • Improved cleaning for 7-Zip, Adobe Reader 9.0, Microsoft Silverlight Isolated Storage, WinPatrol and Microsoft Management Console.
  • Added support for local domains in "Cookies to Keep" list.
  • Improved debugging with log file support using /DEBUG command-line parameter.
  • Improved detection algorithm for 64-bit and Program Files.
  • Improved folder drag and drop in Include options.
  • Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool during cancellation.
  • Improved drive detection in Drive Wiper screen.
  • Added support to refresh cleaning rules using F5.
  • Improved translations.
  • Minor GUI improvements.

You can download now at

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Speccy v1.07

Speccy v1.07 is now available for download. In this release we have focused on giving you more information about your hard drives and operating system. Along with improving the detection speeds!

Changes include:

  • Improved hardware detection speeds.
  • Fixed SATA interface detection issues.
  • Improved detection of removable drives.
  • Information from the Windows Security Center.
  • Windows Defender status.
  • Windows 7 compatibility fixes.
  • General usability improvements.
  • Various stability fixes.
  • Online Help link.

For more information on Speccy and to download visit

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Defraggler v2.0

Following up from last month's announcement about Defraggler v2.0, we're proud to announce it's now ready for mainstream use and is out of beta!

This new release pushes the capabilities of Defraggler far beyond any other free defragmentation tool, by offering complete offline defrag during the boot process!

Change log:
  • Added offline defragmentation of system files during boot process.
  • New Drive Map with custom colors and styles.
  • New improved defragmentation engine.
  • Improved Windows 7 compatibility.
  • Lots of minor GUI improvements.

Download Defraggler v2.0 now from

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