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Recuva v1.26

Every time we turn around, it seems, we fix a bug, include a new feature, or otherwise improve how Recuva works. Unlike many other software companies, we prefer to release updates often*, so that you can get the newest features and error fixes right away. It also helps us because we can get your feedback at our Forum for future planning.

Our Recuva spring cleaning includes the following changes:

  • When you run a regular or Deep Scan, Recuva will display the amount of time remaining until completion. Get yourself a cup of tea or coffee if it's going to be a while.
  • For serious photographers, we've added support for Canon RAW (.CRW) files to the Deep Scan.
  • In previous versions, securely deleting certain FAT32 files didn't work. We've fixed that.
  • Recuva now handles errors more gracefully.
  • As always, we've made various tiny UI tweaks to make Recuva easier to use.

You can download version 1.26 of Recuva at www.recuva.com

* P.S. Worried that you might miss an update for Piriform software? There are several ways to get them:

  1. Every time you run Defraggler, CCleaner, or Recuva, click the Check for updates... link at the bottom corner of the main window.
  2. Subscribe to the RSS feed of our blog. Click here.
  3. Subscribe to our newsletter. Click here.

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Defraggler v1.09

We're continuing to add features and clean things up as we develop Defraggler and our other Windows tools.

The main new feature in this release is the search tool. You'll find it in the main window just to the right of the File list tab. You can use the search tool to find files with a certain name or file, files larger than a given size, or files smaller than a given size. Once Defraggler returns a list of files matching your criteria, you can defragment them right away.

Why use this? You may, for example, want to defragment all your movies, which tend to be very large files. Or you may want to look for all of the files in your temporary folder, or any file ending in .EXE. Defraggler gives you the flexibility to find the files you want to defrag, fast!

Download it now!

Here's the full list of improvements we've made in this release:

  • New search feature.
  • Various tweaks to the drive list.
  • Improvements to freespace calculation when moving large files.
  • Improved handling of of sparse files.
  • Lots of minor UI tweaks.

You can get your copy of Defraggler v1.09 from www.defraggler.com and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter too!

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CCleaner v2.18

The new release of CCleaner for March adds support for IE8 and improves on many of the existing features! See below for additonal changes:

CCleaner v2.18.878

  • Added support for Internet Explorer 8.
  • Improved Wipe Free Space routines.
  • Improved internal communication between threads.
  • Escape key no longer closes CCleaner.
  • Added scrolling to Options screen.
  • Added support for multiple DetectFile options in INI files.
  • Fixed bug when clicking links to navigate to URL.
  • Fixed Win98 progress bar problem.
  • Fixed repaint problem on Options screen when resizing.
  • Minor GUI bugs fixed.

Click here to visit the CCleanerCloud.com site and to download

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Recuva v1.25

It seems like we just updated Recuva - in fact, version 1.24 was released on February 26, less than a month ago. We're always looking for ways to add new features, fix bugs, and generally spiff things up, so we're happy to release v1.25.

The big news here is the ongoing improvements in iPod support. Recuva v1.25 will now restore the names of files it recovers from your iPod, so you'll know at a glance which music tracks and photographs are which.

We've also improved Recuva's stability when you work with very large files. And for those of you still using Windows 98 or 2000, we've improved the way Recuva handles floppy disks (amazing how important those were just a few years ago).

The full change log is below:

  • iPod track names are now restored.
  • Improved UI stability when working with very large files.
  • Improved handling of floppies on early Windows OSs.
  • Various tweaks to UI for non-English languages.
  • Scan optimizations.
  • Various minor tweaks.

Download now from www.recuva.com

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Defraggler v1.08

This release of Defraggler adds some useful features for advanced users, fixes some bugs, and tidies up some loose ends in the interface.
Download it now!

If you run df.exe from the command-line, you now have two new switches you can use:

  • /shutdown - Defraggler will shut down Windows once it has completed operation.
  • /large - Defraggler will move large files to the end of the disk to improve performance.

For more information about Defraggler and moving large files, check out the docs at www.ccleaner.com/docs/defraggler

Here's the full list of improvements and fixes we've made in this release:

  • Improved handling of NTFS compressed files when moving to end of disk
  • Added /shutdown option to df.exe
  • Added /large file option to df.exe
  • Drive list now includes a % fragmented column
  • Blank file types no longer allowed in Large file options
  • Warning when trying to set a schedule in the past
  • Right click 'Check this' option is now greyed correctly
  • Various small UI tweaks

Download now from www.defraggler.com and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter too.

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