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Release Announcements

We're continuing to add features and clean things up as we develop Defraggler and our other Windows tools.

The main new feature in this release is the search tool. You'll find it in the main window just to the right of the File list tab. You can use the search tool to find files with a certain name or file, files larger than a given size, or files smaller than a given size. Once Defraggler returns a list of files matching your criteria, you can defragment them right away.

Why use this? You may, for example, want to defragment all your movies, which tend to be very large files. Or you may want to look for all of the files in your temporary folder, or any file ending in .EXE. Defraggler gives you the flexibility to find the files you want to defrag, fast!

Download it now!

Here's the full list of improvements we've made in this release:

  • New search feature.
  • Various tweaks to the drive list.
  • Improvements to freespace calculation when moving large files.
  • Improved handling of of sparse files.
  • Lots of minor UI tweaks.

You can get your copy of Defraggler v1.09 from and be sure to sign up for our email newsletter too!

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