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CCleaner News

CCleaner v2.11

CCleaner version 2.11 has just been released, in this version we've fixed bugs and improved the performance!

CCleaner v2.11.636

  • Optimized startup and closing of application.
  • Improved Registry cleaning on 64-bit OS.
  • Improved memory usage on Windows Vista.
  • Added System Tray icon status.
  • Internal refactoring of code for efficiency.
  • Improved Uninstall Tool accuracy with MSI installers.
  • Fixed bug in Uninstall Tool on 64-bit OS.
  • Fixed bug in INI file folder recursion.
  • Fixed bug in INI file OS detection.
  • Added Live Messenger cleaning for .SQM files.
  • Added Vietnamese translation.
  • Minor tweaks and improvements.

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