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CCleaner v2.08

This new release of our flagship product CCleaner adds various new features, speed improvements and bug fixes.

CCleaner v2.08.588

  • Added Startup tool enable/disable checkbox.
  • Fixed problem with Vista "low" folders being removed.
  • Improved index.dat detection on multiple scans.
  • Secure deletion improved with IE History index.dat files.
  • Added OS detection to INI files.
  • Added Vista Thumbnail Cache cleaning.
  • Added ImgBurn cleaning.
  • Added Secure deletion to "Recent Documents" cleaning.
  • Improved Vista "Recent Documents" cleaning.
  • Fixed bug with Chkdsk chk files not being removed.
  • Added "Select all" checkbox to header of Registry cleaner.
  • Added sorting to Startup tool listview.
  • Fixed Vista 64 issue with Startup tool.
  • Added Croatian translation.
  • Minor tweaks and GUI improvements.

Click here to visit the CCleanerCloud.com site and download

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Recuva v1.14.321

This new Recuva build extends the Deep Scan feature to add support for video and compressed files. It also now has the ability to reconstruct temporary files from MS Office, which can get your document back if Word crashes!

Recuva v1.14.321
  • Added support for video, audio, and compressed files in deep scan.
    Formats: .wma .ogg .wav .mov .mpg .mp4 .3gp .flv .wmv .avi .rar .zip
  • Added 'Compressed' option to the filter.
  • Fixed bug that could cause crash during deep scan, caused by corrupt image files.
  • Added support for Microsoft Office tmp files.
    Allows recovery of files lost if Office crashes.
  • Various small UI tweaks.
  • Added Ukrainian translation.

Download now from www.recuva.com

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Defraggler v1.01.073

New version of Defraggler with a completely redesigned algorithm and a defrag freespace option! This will be the last beta version, the next download will be a release candidate.

Defraggler v1.01.073 BETA
  • Completely new Defrag algorithm, which is faster and better designed.
  • Defrag freespace now a separate option.
  • Updated UI.
  • Minor bug fixes

Download now from www.defraggler.com

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