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CCleaner v2.07

This release adds Firefox 3.0 support including history and cookies which had been moved into a more complex database structure. Additionally we've add a good range of performance tweaks and bug fixes for foreign language versions.

CCleaner v2.07.575

  • Firefox 3.0 support added.
  • Fixed bug where figures were missing for KB/MB sizes.
  • Fixed bug where some IE cookies were being missed.
  • Improved scan time accuracy.
  • Internal memory management improvements.
  • Registry settings moved to HKCU\Software\Piriform\CCleaner.
  • Fixed bug where CC could get locked in System Tray.
  • Renamed MSN Messenger to Windows Live Messenger.
  • Added MS Office Picture Manager to applications.
  • Fixed uninstaller tool bug on 64-bit OS.
  • Minor GUI improvements.
  • Minor bug fixes.

Click here to visit the CCleanerCloud.com site and download

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Recuva v1.13.304

This new v1.13 build of Recuva adds a Deep Scan feature. It'll scan the entire hard drive for file headers and then try and reconstruct the file without using the MFT. The advantage is that it will find files on reformatted and repartitioned drives. The down side is that it can take a long time to scan. So we only recommend it if the first normal scan doesn't return the files you need.
We hope you like it! :)

Recuva v1.13.304
  • Added Deep Scan. Recuva can now search for files lost by the file system, which will work for reformatted and repartitioned drives.
  • Improved speed and stability for image preview in Windows 2k/98.
  • Several performance tweaks.
  • Various UI tweaks and improvements.

Download now from www.recuva.com

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Defraggler v1.01.068

New beta release with algorithm improvements and minor interface tweaks. We're making a few more changes before we come out of beta.

Defraggler v1.01.068 BETA
  • Progress now displays current file
  • Window position, size and column widths now saved
  • Algorithm improvements
  • Speed improvements
  • Minor bug fixes

Download now from www.defraggler.com

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