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Release Announcements

CCleaner has been updated to version 2.01. Download it now!

CCleaner v2.01.507

  • Fixed bug where some IE Temporary files were not removed.
  • Fixed bug with IE7 Recently Typed URLs cleaning.
  • Fixed C++ exception on Desktop shortcut scanning.
  • Installer now works on 64-bit OS Recycle Bins menus.
  • Optimized IE Temp files cleaning speed.
  • Improved index.dat cleaning on XP.
  • Fixed Registry Cleaner as "Fix All" sometimes wouldn't work.
  • Keyboard shortcuts now work correctly in Registry section.
  • Files winsys.ini and winreg.ini are now embedded in the EXE.
  • Fixed bug where Autoupdate check could cause an exception.
  • Fixed minor bug in restoring screen position and size.
  • Lots of internal improvements to reliability and speed.
  • Minor UI tweaks.

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