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Release Announcements

This new release marks the 100 millionth download of CCleaner!

CCleaner v2.02.525

  • Application is now 100% Unicode, with support added for non-Unicode OSs.
  • Fixed bug where some IE temp files were not being securely deleted.
  • %LocalAppData% and %CommonAppData% variable support added to INI files allowing "Application Data" references to work on non-English versions of Windows.
  • Fixed bug where "Run (in Stat Menu)" was being cleaned when deselected.
  • Added Gutmann (35 pass) secure deletion.
  • Fixed minor bugs with 98 and NT4.
  • Fixed bug with update checker.
  • Added "portable.dat" file to the portable version of CCleaner, which forces it to save the settings to an INI file.
  • Fixed bug in cookie scanning that could cause an exception.
  • Fixed minor UI bugs relating to control and window focus.
  • Improved exception handling with more useful information.
  • Minor bugs fixes and tweaks.

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