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What’s the best ad blocker for Chrome?

Online platforms use ads to generate revenue. As this practice is what keeps some sites in business, and what gives us free or fairly inexpensive news, content or services in return, most of us see this as a fair trade. But there’s a limit. Sites that are littered with ads or popups, to the point where you can’t focus on the content are just plain annoying. If you no longer want to see ads and pop-ups that show when you visit some websites, you should consider using an adblocker.

This post introduces some of the best adblockers that are are available for Chrome right now.


AdBlock, which is available in more than 30 languages, comes in the form of a Chrome extension that blocks ads but also allows you to whitelist sites and specific ad types that you’d still like to see. You can also choose not to see individual components of webpages, such as social links.

Adblock Plus

Probably the oldest ad blocker around, the Adblock Plus Chrome extension is very comprehensive and can block banner advertising, social network ads, video ads, and popups. Its highly customizable user interface lets you set precisely what ads you do want to see (if any) and when you want to see them.

Please note that, despite your settings, both Adblocker and Adblocker Plus will still allow some ads from some selected organizations under the Acceptable Ads program.

CCleaner Browser

While there are several great ad blockers on the market today, you might wish to go one step further and use a browser that blocks ads and also delivers some additional benefits quietly in the background that will improve your browsing experience (for free!).

CCleaner Browser performs just like your regular browser, can automatically block ads, and will also protect your privacy and boost your online security. It comes with a Security & Privacy Center that’s packed with built-in tools including Anti-Fingerprinting, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Tracking, Flash Blocker, Password Manager, Webcam Guard and more.  Here’s where you can find out more and download CCleaner Browser for free.

We hope that helps! If you have any comments, please tweet us. We're @CCleaner.

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