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What is a VPN and why do I need one?

Many people don’t know what a VPN is and don’t use one, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be. Think for a minute about how much data you share over the internet or store on your computer or mobile. Many people openly share their photos, videos or use online banking with little thought about where their information could end up, but today’s digital life is a cat and mouse game. Hackers are working all the time to gain and exploit personal data, so protecting your privacy should be high on your agenda. VPNs are there to make sure that when you're online, your private data stays private.

What does a VPN do?
A VPN (or ‘Virtual Private Network’) allows you to browse the internet anonymously and securely from anywhere in the world by creating an encrypted connection between your computer and the internet. When you use a VPN, almost nothing can be intercepted, seen or tracked.

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Still not sure if you need a VPN? Read on...

When should I be using a VPN?
When browsing the internet you’re always at some level of risk, dependent on where you are and what you’re sharing. In an ideal world you should use a VPN every single time you use the internet but for most, that’s a little unrealistic, so here are some situations in which a VPN is a must-have:

  • When connecting to a public network

    We all want to save our data and enjoy a good connection wherever we are, so don’t usually hesitate to make the most of the free wi-fi in the local coffee shop or while travelling on public transport. But have you thought about who might be watching the traffic on the network that you connect to?

    Network operators can see a user’s online activity and IP address and can potentially decode these data packages to extract sensitive information. As public networks can be run by all sorts of operators - and can be easily hacked into in less just over ten minutes, as proven by a seven-year-old child - using them to do anything remotely sensitive is an absolute no-no. To eliminate all risk, you really should be using a VPN every time you connect to a public network.
  • When you want to access geo-restricted content

    We all want to roam freely and be allowed to watch and read what we want when we want, but some countries don’t make this possible. In this situation, the blocking of content is triggered by a computer’s IP (which gives away its location). A new IP would open up a world of possibilities.

    Well, a VPN can help with that. Because it essentially routes your access via a server in another country, it gives your computer a new IP, making internet freedom possible once more. When logging on, just remember to choose a non-restricted country like the UK or US and the entire internet is all yours.
  • When you’re online banking

    Yep - even if you’re at home. When online banking most of us assume that the banks sort the security part, but that's not strictly true. The usual security measures such as multiple advanced passwords, secure sign in and the use of card readers all help protect your security to some degree, but none of this protects your internet connection itself.

    As VPNs are an encrypted tunnel, everything you do online that goes through one is virtually unreadable by anyone except yourself and the intended recipient. So, once you’re VPN is connected, you can online bank to your heart’s content - even if you’re on public wi-fi.

What VPN should I use?
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Is a VPN easy to use?
Well it depends which one you choose but generally, yes!
Once your VPN is installed you simply open it, choose which location you want to VPN as (hint: the faster speed, the better), connect and then start browsing as normal.

OK, a VPN, I’ve got it. Should I be doing anything else to protect my online security?
Yes. Using a VPN isn’t the security measure you should be taking, it’s also important to clean your browsing data, use up-to-date antivirus and more. Read ‘Stay safe online: 5 ways to protect your privacy’ to ensure you’re truly covered!


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