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Software updates… why they're worth the hassle

We know the feeling. They seem to take ages and just as you think you’re up to date, some more come along. Staying up to date in a constantly evolving digital world can sometimes feel like a drag.

Although it can be really tempting to skip software updates, they really are very important. Software developers (like us) don’t release updates to be annoying, we release them because we want our software to perform the best it can for our users. For some software, let’s take online banking for example (which you probably access on your mobile), the benefit of updating are pretty obvious. If you don't update your online banking app it makes it easier for hackers to access your personal financial information, which can have disastrous consequences. But sometimes the benefits are less obvious. Take your Office suite, for example. Why would you want a newer version of Excel when you’re happy with your current version? Well, software updates do more than just than fix security holes. They add new features, remove outdated features, update drivers and deliver bug fixes. CCleaner updates do all this too, and in terms of security sit somewhere in the middle. They help protect your privacy, but in a slightly less direct fashion.

Okay, so why is CCleaner always being updated?
If you’re a CCleaner user, you’re probably aware that it cleans your browsing data (so your history, cookies, cache and so on) which helps protect your privacy. What you might not have thought about is how often browsers update (we’ll give you a clue: ALL THE TIME). Yep, Google, Mozilla and suchlike are always doing their best to make sure your browsers stay super secure. Which means we’re always one step behind, working behind the scenes to make sure that CCleaner is up to date with their changes, so you get the best clean. See?

So this all explains why we release an updated version of CCleaner once a month or so, and will hopefully urge you to try and stay on top of software updates. If you haven’t updated CCleaner recently, it’s time to assess the damage.

I’m on an old version of CCleaner. Should I be worried?
If you’re on an old-ish version of CCleaner (say, a few months old), it’s probably doing an okay job. But if you’re using a version which is more than a year old, we strongly suggest that you update to the latest version as very old versions are not able to give your computer the thorough clean it probably needs!

Hang on, I think you’ve updated CCleaner for me…
If you were using a very old version, you might notice that we’ve performed an update for you (we do this from time to time, just to move users off the most outdated versions of CCleaner). If this has happened to you, don’t worry. If you were happy with the version you were on, we’re sorry, but we didn't want you to stay on a version of CCleaner which is doing a really bad job of what we designed it to do. We hope that you enjoy your new version even more!

For those of you who have just updated or are about to update your version of CCleaner, here’s a word of warning: your initial clean might take a bit longer than you expect. This is because it’s cleaning all the crap (as we used to be known - that’s where the first C in CCleaner came from) that your last version simply wasn't able to clean. Any subsequent cleans should take the same time they used to.

I would love to stay up to date but come on, it’s once a month...
If you’re the sort of person who likes being on the latest version of CCleaner but find that updating every month is a hassle, we have a version that updates automatically and comes with some additional features too. CCleaner Professional (the next step up - it’s a paid-for version) combines all the features of CCleaner Free with additional functionality such as automated cleaning, so your PC will stay clean, safe and fast without you doing a thing.

Please note that this post is for CCleaner for PC. If you're not a PC user but want to optimize your device, CCleaner for Mac and CCleaner for Android are also available.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with my support team or you can tweet us (we're @Piriform).



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