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Our fast, secure browser is out now - and made even better by you!

First, a thank you 

We love tinkering with things and making them ‘just so’ at CCleaner, so we listened to the feedback you gave us about the preview version of our secure browser. We’re proud of the recent release of CCleaner Browser 80.0, complete with an even better version of our ‘Anti-Phishing’ tool now enhanced by AI technology. 

Suitable for Windows 10, 8.1 or 8, you can download the latest updated version here. 

Want to know how our secure browser can help you? Then read on.

Enjoy faster browsing

A famous literary quote says that the person who travels the fastest also travels alone. 

Think of a lone protagonist galloping across a prairie in a Western - not somebody stuck in a large traffic jam or a slow, crowded train. Likewise, CCleaner Browser helps you keep things lean while you browse the web on your favorite Microsoft Windows device.

Making it easy for you to venture into the wilderness of the internet without the added company of pop-up ads, videos and unnecessary add-ons, this helps to speed up your overall browsing experience. You can also visit the ‘Performance’ tab in CCleaner Browser’s ‘Settings’ to optimize the system performance of your Windows device for your current online session. This helps draw some processing power away from your PC or tablet’s ‘crowd’ of background processes, refocusing it instead on further improving your CCleaner Browser experience.

Reduce your digital footprint

For all its merits, you don’t need us to tell you that, at times, the internet can feel a bit like the Wild West. Yes, there may be no bar room holdups, train robberies or dodgy sheriffs to be seen, but behind the scenes, your day-to-day browsing activity is collected by your PC which can have its own disastrous consequences. Your digital trail can push up prices on websites you frequently visit, get you followed by ads and can pose a privacy and security threat. To combat this, CCleaner browser provides various simple settings you can toggle like ‘Anti-Fingerprinting’, ‘Adblock’ and ‘Anti-Tracking’ (see also ‘Stealth Mode’ further below). 

Get great privacy and security tools

We’ve designed CCleaner Browser’s Privacy & Security Center to lay bare a set of tools that can help you, each feature complete with a short, clear explanation of what it does. It gives you multiple ways to enhance your privacy and security so you can enjoy a fast, secure browsing experience.

When you start up our browser for the first time, it also has a few features already enabled. So it’s safe to say we haven’t put the cart before the horse before you head off to your next online adventure. 

These include...

  • Adblock: keeps pop-up ads at bay and stops them from disrupting your browsing
  • Anti-Phishing: blocks dangerous websites, phishing attacks and dodgy downloads
  • Anti-Tracking: puts the brakes on websites and companies tracking you online
  • Extension Guard: stops untrustworthy add-ons being installed on CCleaner Browser

Looking beyond your browser’s address bar, our updated ‘Anti-Phishing’ tool can now scan every web address loaded by a single webpage. What does this mean? It means it can now capture and identify more obscure threats to keep you safer online than ever. You can find out more here.

Control tracking cookies and junk files

The protagonist of a Western often likes to keep themselves to themselves.

Likewise, CCleaner Browser’s ‘Stealth Mode’ provides an easy way for you to stop your browser history from being saved and automatically deletes any tracking cookies or cache files you might have collected during your browsing session. If you want an alternative, you can even launch the CCleaner app directly from our secure browser to clean the same types of data, stopping it potentially slowing down your PC or tablet.

On the subject of keeping a low profile online, in addition to ‘Anti-Tracking’ and ‘Stealth Mode’, there’s also ‘Anti-Fingerprinting’ and even a ‘Webcam Guard’. The former stops websites tracking you without your consent through your unique browser fingerprint, and the latter gives a warning each time a website tries to access your webcam - so you can choose to block it right away.

Want to give it a try? 

Download our updated CCleaner Browser for your Windows device here.

If you’re looking for specific information or have any questions,
please visit the Support or Docs sections of our website. 

We hope you enjoy our updated browser experience, further improved by your feedback!

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