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Let CCleaner remove the Windows 10 default apps you can’t get rid of

As well as some useful tools, the default apps in Windows 10’s Start Menu and All apps list consists of Microsoft tools or partner products you may not need. Take ‘Money’, for example, which is Microsoft’s financial news service. If you’re planning for a mortgage or track financial markets, this might come in useful. If financial news isn’t your thing, you might not need this additional clutter on your PC. The Maps app is another example. If Google Maps is your go-to, you might want to delete this.

Your apps live in your All apps list and to access them quickly, can be pinned and unpinned to your Start Menu or taskbar. If apps are just getting in your way and you’re not sure you want them gone forever, simply right click on the app and click ‘Unpin from Start’ or ‘Unpin from taskbar’. Now you’ll only be able to access them from the All apps list. To bring them back to life, simply right click on the app and click ‘Pin to Start’ or ‘Pin to taskbar’. If you want apps gone forever, even from the All apps list, click on the app and choose ‘Uninstall’.

But here’s the catch
This doesn’t work for every app. Some Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 default apps have no uninstall option whatsoever. Maps for example, is built in. This is where CCleaner can help.

Windows 10 Start Menu

CCleaner makes managing apps easy by listing them all in one place and allowing you to uninstall them - even if they're built-in. To do this, open CCleaner and click on ‘Tools’. Simply select the unwanted app from the list and click ‘Uninstall’. 

CCleaner uinistall apps

A quick note: it is not possible to delete Microsoft's own browser Edge. Your best solution is to use another browser as your default and unpin Edge from your taskbar and Start Menu.

More than just an app manager
CCleaner also makes managing your startup items really easy. Instead of clicking on each app individually, as explained above, you’ll notice CCleaner lists them all in one place. To customize startup, click on each task and click ‘Enable’ or ‘Disable’. You can even action multiple items by holding down the ‘Shift’ key as you click. It’s that easy!

CCleaner customizes startup

Hopefully this blog post will inspire some of you readers to declutter and customize your PC so it’s just the way you like it!

Give it a go
You can download CCleaner here or if you fancy a few more features, start your free CCleaner Professional trial.
If you’re a Mac user download CCleaner for Mac, which has the same Uninstall and Startup functionality.

If you have any comments please tweet us! We're @CCleaner.

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