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Keep in touch with added confidence this Mother’s Day

“Oh, no” we hear you say. 

Here’s yet another online article talking about Mother’s Day in the US. Or is it?

We don’t need to tell what this day is about and what it’s for. Online ads, TV coverage and magazines have done plenty of that. CCleaner isn’t here to tell you how to celebrate Mother’s Day. That’s not our style. It’s yours to spend how you want. We’re more interested in practicality. Allow us to explain.

Zoom, the video-conferencing app, recently recorded that 300 million people use it to communicate with each other each day. So if you are, like many, relying on your PC, Mac or Android phone more to keep in contact with friends and family during these unprecedented times - the good news that we have software specifically designed to keep your devices working more efficiently. 

Our software tools can help prevent your devices from running into performance issues during important moments. Perhaps this could be a video call via Zoom, WhatsApp or Facebook with a mother figure in your life to make sure the gift you ordered online a few days ago has arrived at their doorstep on time. Or not, as the case may be. It’s just one example of many. Your time is yours to spend how you wish. And when it comes to using your devices, CCleaner can help you get more out of that time. It clears out junk system and browsing files taking up valuable storage space on your PC, Mac or Android devices, helps you manage installed apps, and will perform the quick fixes your machines need so you get the best from them.

You can easily download the free version of CCleaner for your laptop, home computer or Android device today. 

For PCs or laptops with particularly slow hard drives, you may also be interested in learning more about our Defraggler app.

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