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Is CCleaner Cloud right for me?

If you’re using CCleaner desktop and have been doing so for years, it might be time to rethink what you need from your clean. Or maybe you’ve never cleaned your machine before and want to free up some space but you’re not sure which CCleaner is right for you? Whatever your situation, this article will help.

While cloud-based cleaning isn’t for everyone, it certainly has benefits for businesses and some home users with specific requirements. The following questions will help you determine which cleaner is right for you…

1. Do you want to clean more than one PC?

If you’re a home user and you only want to clean your own PC, the original CCleaner for desktop is perfect for you. After installation, you can run a default clean by clicking ‘analyze’ and then ‘clean’.  It’s really that simple.

If you’re fairly techy and have a few PCs, or you’d like to clean the machines of your family and friends, CCleaner Cloud allows you to clean and manage up to 3 PCs, for free. You simply add each new PC by email, then manage and clean via a central console.

If you’re a business user, there are several versions of CCleaner which clean and optimize multiple endpoints. CCleaner Cloud might be for you, or you might prefer to use CCleaner via your existing network. Find out more in our business section.

2. Do you want to clean your PC even when you’re not near it?

While all CCleaner users get a great clean, CCleaner Professional users gain convenience and functionality. One of the benefits of this paid-for option is that it includes scheduled cleaning, which means your computer stays automatically clean, wherever you are. CCleaner Professional users also benefit from automatic updates (so they always have the latest CCleaner version) and priority support.

If you holiday or work away often you might instead want to consider CCleaner Cloud, which allows you to clean PCs from wherever you are, via your web browser. This means you can use it on another PC, or your mobile or tablet.

If you’re a business user and want to use CCleaner to clean the machines of employees working remotely, or you work from home yourself, CCleaner Cloud might be right for you. It's ideal for businesses without corporate networks (the installer can be distributed by email), or you might prefer a network-based CCleaner. Find out which CCleaner best suits your organization in our business section.

3. Do you want to do more than essential cleaning?

CCleaner Desktop was developed to be really simple to use, so no matter your level of technical ability, your computer can stay clean, safe and fast. As well as cleaning, it can be used to manage startup items, clean broken Windows Registry keys and much more. It’s got everything most people will ever need to keep their machine clean, safe and optimized.

CCleaner Cloud has a much larger interface to host a multitude of other functions, including the ability to install software, run Windows updates and remote startup/shutdown – which is ideal for business users (or if you’re a fairly techy person, you’ll enjoy this extra functionality too!).

CCleaner Cloud 


Give it a go
Home users with a PC, you can download CCleaner Free or try CCleaner Professional for free for 14 days (no card details required). If you’re a home user with a Mac, download CCleaner for Mac.

Business users, our business section will help you find the right CCleaner for you.

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