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Introducing new and improved CCleaner update settings!

We’re always listening to user feedback so we can make CCleaner even better. One of the things you told us you’d like is a more granular level of control over when CCleaner is updated and when it notifies you. You also wanted a bit more explanation around what each update means. So to make your update settings easier to find, version 5.50 has moved all existing update settings (and added some new ones) into one menu, which can found in ‘Options’ > ‘Updates’. In this screen, updates have been split into two categories: Product Updates and Important Updates. Here’s what they both mean:

Product Updates: are our usual, most frequent updates (they take place once or twice a month) and are mostly about keeping CCleaner up to date with the latest browser and system changes. They contain updated cleaning rules (so CCleaner can fully clean your PC), feature improvements, bug fixes and more. CCleaner Professional users can choose these updates to take place automatically.

Important Updates: contain stability or performance updates that keep CCleaner working safely and smoothly on your machine in the event of a change outside our control (e.g. a browser update might mean that file locations might change so without the latest cleaning rules, CCleaner might potentially corrupt a profile). If we can see that your version of CCleaner is very out of date, we might also apply an Important Update to minimize any risk when cleaning. The nature of these updates mean that they take place much less frequently, but it is best that when they are needed, they can take place automatically.

CCleaner Updates Screen

As we want all our users to make an informed decision about their updates, CCleaner will politely remind you to review your update settings, so you can choose a configuration that suits you. If you’d like to have a look now, please make sure that you’ve downloaded the latest version of CCleaner (v.5.50 or above) and go to ‘Options’ > ‘Updates’.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with support or you can tweet us (we're @CCleaner).

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