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Introducing... Health Check!

Today’s an exciting day for us here at CCleaner HQ as we celebrate the release of this brand new feature!

Health Check brings together CCleaner’s most popular optimization and cleaning tools within one simple-to-use interface, making it quicker and easier than ever to optimize your PC’s performance and keep it working better, for longer.

What does Health Check do?

Health Check analyzes and optimizes your PC, in just a few clicks. As well as delivering CCleaner’s standard clean to create space and help protect your privacy, it updates your software to close any security holes and disables the software unnecessarily set to start automatically, so your PC can boot faster. And the best bit about it, is that it does all this for you. It’s built so that everyone, of every technical ability, can confidently maintain their PC.

To make things really easy, during a Health Check, CCleaner uses safe, default settings to decide what needs to be cleaned, disabled and updated. No need to stick to the suggested settings though - if you’re a bit of a technical whizz, you can adapt your PC’s Health Check as required. To do this, let Health Check analyze your PC and once it has finished, simply click into the ‘Privacy’, ‘Space’, ‘Speed’ and ‘Security’ buttons before continuing. Inside each screen you can tick or untick the items you wish to be cleaned, disabled or updated.

How can I give it a try?

Simply download the latest version of CCleaner. Health Check is available on all versions of CCleaner (Free, Professional and Pro Trial). The full features and benefits of Health Check are available on a CCleaner Professional Trial for 14 days - no credit card required.

If you’re an avid CCleaner user, you might notice that Health Check has replaced Easy Clean. This is because Health Check was developed to clean your PC just like Easy Clean, but deliver more functionality at the same time (think of it as more value in fewer clicks!). When using Health Check, you’ll notice that it feels very similar to using Easy Clean. No changes have been made to CCleaner’s familiar Custom Clean.

How can I make Health Check my default screen?

Health Check is now the default screen when opening CCleaner, unless you have previously set Custom Clean as your home screen. You can choose which screen you’d like as your home screen in ‘Options’ > ‘Settings’.

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