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Happy Clean Out Your Computer Day!

Today is our favorite day of the year! However, here at CCleaner HQ we’re not all about celebrating just one day. We’re on an ongoing mission to make the world’s PCs cleaner. And here’s why:

1. Clean PCs perform better
You might not realize that during your computer’s day-to-day use it collects junk files and settings. Over time, these junk files build up and negatively affect your PC’s performance. Unless you’re a computer whizz this junk is pretty difficult to clean, so we developed CCleaner to do it for you.

Unrestricted by junk files your computer can work faster and smoother - and you get back that ‘fresh PC’ feeling!

2. Clean PCs are more secure
When you browse online, you leave a digital trail of the websites you’ve been and what you’ve been doing. To protect your online security, this data should be erased.

CCleaner safely deletes the tracking files and cookies that can be used to track your online behavior, to help you remain hidden from any online nasties.

3. Clean PCs last longer
Many people think that after two or three years computers automatically slow down and become redundant, but that’s not always the case. If your computer’s hardware (which is what largely dictates its capability) remains unchanged, it’s performance does too.

Like any machine, a computer that’s cleaned and well maintained will work better, for longer. Consider CCleaner your computer’s weekly health MOT.

How do I start cleaning?
It’s really easy to install CCleaner and clean your PC, and should take less than 5 minutes:

  1. Download and install CCleaner (if you download it and can't find it, it’ll be waiting at the bottom left of your screen or in your ‘Downloads’ folder).

  2. Follow the setup instructions (it’s just a few clicks).

  3. Open CCleaner and ‘Analyze’ and then ‘Clean’. Or, if you’re feeling brave, you can just click ‘Clean’ as the default clean is developed to stay away from any files that your computer might need. 
    Note: Your first clean will 
    take noticeably longer then any subsequent cleans as CCleaner will be safely erasing a big build up of junk.

For best results, we recommend that your computer is cleaned on a weekly basis. If you’ve chosen CCleaner Professional, remember to enable Smart Cleaning so your machine is cleaned automatically for you!

We'll celebrate today by writing code, testing future versions of CCleaner, planning new features and spreading the word that a good PC is a clean PC. And also by eating cake!

If you have any comments please tweet us. We're @CCleaner.


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