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CCleaner Cloud v1.10 introduces new Profiles feature!

The latest version of CCleaner Cloud has just been released, and it brings an exciting new change for business users!

CCleaner Cloud, which allows users to remotely clean and manage multiple endpoints, introduces a new ‘Profiles’ feature. This introduction gives admins the ability to assign bespoke cleaning rules to groups and specific endpoints, and schedule their delivery. But how might this deeper level of control help your business?

1. Your business has layered security requirements
You’re probably required to regularly and securely deep clean machines in departments that handle sensitive data, including user passwords. However, other departments might simply need the occasional light clean to keep their machine working at peak performance.

CCleaner Cloud can take care of this scenario for you, to free up your time to carry out more interesting tasks. Simply use Profiles to group departments, set specific cleaning rules by department and enable scheduled cleaning. It’s time to set and forget!

2. You work in an international organisation
Cleaning and managing machines in offices across different timezones can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. Profiles can be used to group endpoints by region and trigger cleaning when you know endpoints aren’t being used. If you have remote workers, which can pose a higher security risk, ensure their machines are set to deeper cleaning to minimise any data loss should a machine be lost or used by non-employees.

3. You’re a sole IT admin
If there’s no one to rely on when you’re out of the office your job automatically becomes more difficult, but CCleaner Cloud can help ease the pressure. It’ll keep machines running smoothly so you really can switch off while you’re away, and allow you to remotely manage them if you absolutely need to.

Before you leave the office, spend a few minutes using Profiles to set bespoke cleaning settings that will be administered on a schedule. And if the worst happens? You can log into CCleaner Cloud on any device to try and fix the problem - and then make the most of your holiday!

CCleaner Cloud Profiles

Give it a try!
If you are already using CCleaner Cloud it will automatically update to version 1.10 when you next log in.

Businesses can try CCleaner Cloud free for 14 days (no credit card details required)

For details on how to use this new feature please check the CCleaner Cloud help centeIf you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with support or you can tweet us (we're @CCleaner).


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