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5 ways to make your #SpringCCleaner

Here in the UK spring has begun, which is the traditional time of the year to give your home its annual deep clean.
But have you ever thought about cleaning your devices?

Like your home, you use probably use devices like your computer or phone every day and without regular cleaning, they fill up with junk. Unlike your home, we can do the cleaning bit for you!

We invented CCleaner because the average person (myself included), doesn't have the time or possess the IT knowledge required to manually carry out the lengthy process of deleting junk files across all their devices. Cleaner safely deletes useless files really quickly (20 times faster than an IT whizz can do it - see the proof here), without removing anything your device requires for normal operation.

But what can a spring MOT using CCleaner do for your devices?

  1. Free up wasted space
    The unnecessary files and settings that devices accumulate during their day-to-day use take up space; the same space that you could be using store photos, videos or documents.  All versions of CCleaner – so for PC, Mac and Android – tell you how much space cleaning will free up, so give it a try and see how much junk you can wave goodbye to. From installing to cleaning shouldn't take longer than a couple of minutes, depending on how many files CCleaner needs to clean up. Your initial clean will always take a bit longer than those thereafter!

  2. Increase storage space efficiency
    Even in a short space of time devices can become cluttered with apps and installed programs which were once useful but you no longer use, or were even pre-loaded onto the device before you bought it. Now’s the perfect time to get rid of them and give your device a fresh start!

    CCleaner determines the impact of individual apps on your PC, Mac and Android and can uninstall them for you. If you’re a PC user, it can even remove the default Windows 10 apps you can’t get rid of. To do this, open CCleaner and go to Tools > Uninstall.

  3. Speed up startup
    If you’ve got an age-old PC or Mac which takes a while to boot, this can be solved by spending a minute to organize which apps automatically start when you switch it on. 
    To do this using CCleaner, simply go to Tools > Start up and then Disable the apps you wish. It’s that easy!

  4. Help keep your browsing private
    Again, PC and Mac users, this one is for you. 

    CCleaner safely deletes your browsing history, cookies and cache which to keep your browsing private and stops those pesky ads following your around as your browse. It’s fully customizable (so doesn’t have to delete your passwords) and can be set to automatically clean the data that you want deleted when you close your browser.

  5. Declutter your browser 
    Tired of looking at your browser’s toolbar and seeing search boxes, shortcuts to games or search engines and wondering ‘how did that get there?’.

    Cluttered toolbars

    Browser plugins, or ‘extensions’ can add some useful functionality, but can also quickly become a nightmare of third-party apps that you don’t want or need, which slows down your browser. As plugins often have access to everything you do online (so can capture your passwords and track which websites you have visited) they can even put your privacy at risk, so we recommend that you keep your toolbars clean.

    CCleaner lets you choose which browser plugins to disable, to tidy your browser and allow it to start faster. To do this, go to Tools > Browser Plugins and disable those that you don’t need. Generally, it’s safe to disable any plugins or extensions that you recognize. If something is listed that you're unsure of, we recommend that you use Google (or an alternative search engine) to find out what it does before disabling it. 

We hope that helps! If you have any comments please tweet us. We're @CCleaner. And remember to use #SpringCCleaner!


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