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Help scientists fight global diseases from the comfort of your own home

Resolving big problems like global diseases requires enormous computing power, something that can be created through hundreds of thousands of connected computers. Each one does a little bit of the heavy lifting to help the wider cause. In this case, helping to fight global diseases while ensuring everyone contributing a computer keeps their data privacy. You could help. 

Folding@home allows you the opportunity to help scientists fight global diseases, like COVID-19, from the comfort of your own home while you go about your daily routines. You could assist with research that could help millions of people in exchange for some of your computer’s processing power.

The organization uses computer simulations to study organic proteins, helping scientists capture valuable information that can help fight diseases, such as COVID-19, cancer, Parkinson’s, Influenza and others.

Adding your computer to the cause helps Folding@home run the large calculations needed for their vital research.

Visit their website now to get involved. 

If you find yourself relying on your home computer, laptop or mobile devices more than usual in these tense times, CCleaner can help you keep them running at their best. To learn more about our company and mission, see here.

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