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Windows 7 discontinued: make sure your PC is secure

Windows 7 is one of Microsoft’s most popular operating systems (OSs), with approximately a third of all Windows PCs running this OS. The system was released in October 2009, with the commitment to provide product support for 10 years, after which it would come to end-of-life. 

What does this mean?

The withdrawal of product support for Windows 7 means that technical assistance and software updates will be no longer available, but don’t worry, your PC will not stop working. 

Over time you will notice a loss of functionality and security gaps may appear, which can potentially leave you susceptible to cybercrime. Accessing online banking, email or other services that may contain personal information can have serious consequences as cybercriminals may attempt to capitalize on these vulnerabilities.

Upgrading to Windows 10

Microsoft’s advice is to move to a new PC that runs on Windows 10. As Windows 7 was released a while ago, it is expected that some PCs running the OS may be coming to their end of life, and so this may be a feasible solution. Users that will wish to do that should shop around for a PC with a good amount of memory that is required to run Windows 10. 

If you'd prefer to keep your current hardware, you can purchase a full version of Windows 10 for approximately $140 and install it on compatible devices. Don’t forget to back up all your data and information before you install your new operating system, as the update will wipe out all data in the process. 

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