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Preview our faster, private and more secure browser!

‘I want my PC to run quickly’ and ‘I want my PC to be confident that my PC is safe to use’. Those are the two things you told us were most important to you in our ‘The Future of CCleaner’ survey late last year, and the two things we’ve had in the back of our minds ever since.

As a result, so far this year we’ve introduced Easy Clean (an alternative cleaning mode so all users can confidently keep their PC clean) and Software Updater (which finds outdated software and installs their latest and most secure versions). Today, our ‘speed and safety’ mantra strikes again as we release a preview of our new, more secure browser. You can download CCleaner Browser here.

What does CCleaner browser do?

We know that CCleaner users like to keep junk under control, stay private and get things done fast, so we’ve developed a safer browser that puts you in control of your digital footprint and stops browsing cluttering up your PC. CCleaner Browser works just like your regular browser, but it’s faster and more secure.

CCleaner Browser comes packed with built-in security tools to stop trackers, disguise your digital footprint and keep your identity anonymous (read more about CCleaner Browser’s features). As it can also automatically blocks ads and Flash running, there’s less to load which means it can run faster than your usual browser. It allows you to shop, surf and bank, safe in the knowledge that you’re completely secure.

While most tools are automatically enabled (so you can download it and use it right away, knowing your security is protected), everything is customizable via its Privacy & Security Center.

CCleaner Browser Preview

Do I need to clean CCleaner Browser?

Although CCleaner Browser takes care of most of the hard work for you, if you wish, you can add an additional layer of privacy protection by also clearing your browsing history, cookies and cache. As this next level of deletion is personal preference CCleaner Browser doesn’t automatically delete these items but if you’d like to, you can easily do this by either:

1. Cleaning from within CCleaner Browser

Simply visit your Security & Privacy Center (by clicking on the small CCleaner Browser logo in the top right of the browser) and use the Privacy Cleaner.

2. Cleaning using CCleaner

The CCleaner desktop application will analyze and clean CCleaner Browser like any other browser, which means that CCleaner Professional users can also schedule it to be cleaned. CCleaner Desktop can be quickly accessed from within the browser via its own tile in the Security & Privacy Center.

You can download CCleaner Browser here and if you have any questions, you’ll be able to find the answers in our Docs or Support sections. But remember, CCleaner Browser is still a preview, so there are lots more improvements coming soon! 

We hope you enjoy faster, more secure browsing!

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