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Introducing, Easy Clean: our new, simplified cleaning flow!

So, today we announced one of the biggest changes in CCleaner history! We’ve made a radical (but also optional) change to the cleaning flow that CCleaner users know and love. And here's why...

When CCleaner was developed 15 years ago, it was built by a techy, for other techies. Early CCleaner users had no problem understanding the different types of files available to clean, and what they all did. They understood how a machine worked and the benefits of cleaning one. But over time, that’s changed.

As CCleaner users helped clean their mums and dads (and whoever else's) machines, all the love in the tech community spilled over to the average day-to-day computer user. In nearly every survey we run, word of mouth still rates really highly when we ask how people heard about CCleaner. We love this, but a while back it also made us think about how we could better serve the wider community that use CCleaner today.

We started looking at CCleaner and its interface through the eyes of a non-technical CCleaner user and decided to design an alternative cleaning flow. We wanted to simplify cleaning, guide users through it, and serve up information in a way they understand (so they know what they're cleaning and the benefits of doing so).

So several iterations, some rounds of user testing (and even a new name) later, Easy Clean is finally ready!

Easy Clean provides a simpler, more intuitive interface and uses everyday language to explain the types of files that can be cleaned. Files are now categorized as either 'Trackers' or Junk' and when a user wishes to customize their clean, the purposes of each file type is explained (for example, Temporary Internet Files are described as ‘Files left behind when you visit websites’).

Give it a try
Simply update to version 5.57 and you’ll see Easy Clean in CCleaner’s toolbar.

But I like CCleaner’s original cleaning screen...
Don’t worry, it’s still there!
Easy Clean sits alongside CCleaner’s original cleaning screen, which is now called ‘Custom Clean’. When an out-of-the-box clean is run, Easy Clean and Custom Clean deliver the same cleaning power, however, Easy Clean provides a minimal level of customization compared to Custom Clean, so loyal users can still adapt their cleans as they require.

We hope you like it!

The CCleaner Team

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