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Say 'hello' to CCleaner Professional's new feature...

As well as keeping your PC clean and fast, CCleaner now updates your software to keep your PC even more secure.

Why update software?
While there are many reasons to update software, the most important is that doing so keeps your PC and personal data secure. Old software has security holes that can be found and exploited by attackers. Software developers always try to stay one step behind the internet nasties out there and when necessary, release updates to patch these holes and make sure their users stay safe. Using the latest and most secure version of any software on your PC will close any security vulnerabilities that could leave you open to cyberattacks.

Security aside, updates also deliver 'nice-to-have' benefits such as new features, interface or performance improvements, and other changes that make using your software a better experience.

Ah okay… I’ve been ignoring updates
That’s pretty normal (and that’s why we built the updater).

A few months ago, we ran two surveys. The first survey was to find out which tools our users might find helpful (so we could build them into CCleaner in future). The second was to find out our users' behavior around cleaning, backing up and updating.

We found out that, unsurprisingly, the vast majority of you want to keep your personal data safe and have good intentions to do so. However, that doesn't always translate to real life behavior. While 80% of you said that keeping software up to date is ‘extremely important’ or ‘very important’, 60% of you ignore reminders to update and 10% of you never update software or don't update until you’re forced to. When we asked why, the top reason for ignoring reminders was ‘I want to finish what I am doing on my PC before I update and then I forget to update’, which is pretty understandable (we’ve all been there).

Our new Software Updater allows you see your installed software and quickly and safely install updates in one place - when it’s convenient for you. So if you’ve got a spare few minutes today and want to keep the reminders to update at bay for a while - give it a go!

CCleaner Software Updater

Where can I give it a try?
CCleaner Professional users, you already have this feature! Simply open CCleaner and see it in the ‘Tools' menu.

CCleaner Free users, you can try CCleaner Professional with Software Updater, automatic cleaning, instant updates and more, for free, for 14 days (no credit card required).

Got a suggestion?
Software Updater is built to update the world’s most popular applications - and we'll keep adding more apps as they're released. If you find an app that Software Updater currently doesn’t update and you’d like it to be included, please let us know!


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