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We’ve moved to!

Welcome to our new home!

For the last fourteen years, CCleaner has cleaned and optimized your devices to make them faster, safer and to free up space.

During its evolution, it has grown from a desktop PC tool to cleaning Mac and Android devices, and has extended its offering into the cloud. It has celebrated considerable success and is now a much-loved brand with over two billion downloads worldwide.

This success meant that over time, it became apparent that probably wasn't the most suitably titled home for CCleaner. So, to better align our website with CCleaner’s growing international presence and product portfolio, we've moved it to a new home here on We just think that it makes sense for people typing ‘CCleaner’ into their browser to land somewhere a little more CCleaner focused.

So what’s changed?
Not much has changed since our previous home on (there's just not quite so many Piriform pears and a few more CCleaner logos). Our other products, such as Defraggler, Speccy and Recuvacontinue to be offered alongside CCleaner here at our new home and are downloadable as usual. All links have been redirected to so everything should be as accessible as it was before the move.

What’s happened to Piriform?
Again, not much! We're still Piriform and all our software tools are still developed by the same great team. We just have a new virtual home!

If you have any comments please tweet us. We're @CCleaner.

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