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3 steps to start 2018 with a cleaner, faster machine

If a new computer wasn’t on your festive wishlist (or you just didn’t get what you’d hoped for), don’t panic. While that ‘new PC’ feeling is undeniably great, don’t give up on your old machine just yet. There are some quick and easy steps you can take to restore your tired machine and get it working the way it used to.

Contrary to popular belief, after two or three years computers aren’t always destined to slow down until they become so frustrating to use, they’re better off in the bin. Unless you’ve changed your computer’s hardware, its performance potential should remain relatively unchanged, providing it has been looked after. Like any machine, computers need a little maintenance to keep them working well. But what does this ‘maintenance’ mean?

1. Clean your computer
You might not realise that every time you use your computer it collects files and settings which quickly become useless. Even after a few weeks of computer use, what was once a collection of small files will become an accumulation of junk that will prevent it from performing at its best. Regular cleaning is the only way to freshen up your computer and let it run as it’s supposed to.

CCleaner, which was developed to clean your computer for you, solves the age-old problem of a clogged up computer. A default out of-the-box clean will free your PC of junk files without deleting anything it needs to run normally. It’s even been speed and safety tested (read the report). Run it once and you’ll free up around 4GB of space which was previously occupied by junk, then run it weekly to save around 34GB of space over the course of a year (you might wish to upgrade to Cleaner Professional to get automatic cleaning).

2. Delete the things you don’t need
CCleaner was developed to clean unnecessary files and settings collected by your computer - not files you have chosen to save on your computer. If you’ve been using your PC to write documents, store photos, play music and create spreadsheets, chances are, it’s storing lots of files you no longer need. Taking a few minutes to delete the files you’ll never use again will do your computer good.

The start of the year is always a good time to carry out a 'big clean' but if this means you accidentally delete something you later realize you need, Recuva can help restore deleted files.

3. Run updates
Tired of that nagging warning about ‘Windows Updates’? We know the feeling, but those updates are there for a good reason. We suggest you let Windows have its way and run them as doing so will fix any newly discovered bugs, bring Windows Defender (which is Microsoft’s default antivirus) up-to-date, make any new features available to you and bolster all-round security.

After carrying out the above, you should see some performance and speed benefits which should make your everyday computing easier. By looking after your computer, you’ll prolong its working life and postpone your next PC purchase.

We hope that helps! If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch with support or you can tweet us (we're @CCleaner).

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