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My top 5 CCleaner hidden gems

Although ‘analyze’ and ‘clean’ might be your go-to functions (and I can’t blame you – they’re obvious, quick and easy, right?), there’s more to CCleaner than meets the eye.

As a support agent who helps our users every day I know CCleaner inside out, including the whole host of features we developed so you can get the best out of your Mac or PC. By taking a few more seconds to dig a little deeper past the cleaner screen, you can uncover some additional tools which you might find very useful. Here are my top five:

1. Startup management
Go to: Tools > Startup

Managing your startup items is one of the most effective ways to speed up your computer’s boot time. Check the list of items and if you recognize a program you no longer want to kick in as soon as you switch on your computer, click on it and then click ‘Disable’. If you disable a few programs, your computer will start up noticeably quicker.

CCleaner Startup

2. Uninstall
Go to: Tools > Uninstall

Often, new machines are laden with additional apps which you might not want or ever need to use.

CCleaner makes managing apps easy by listing them all in one place and allowing you to uninstall them - even if they're built-in. To do this, open CCleaner and click on ‘Tools’. Simply select the unwanted app from the list and click ‘Uninstall’.

CCleaner Uninstall

3. Automatic cleaning

With only a few seconds setup, this feature means you can effortlessly keep your computer clean and running fast. PC users have two ways of cleaning automatically.

Go to: Options > Monitoring

This triggers cleaning as a result of you performing a certain action or reaching a certain threshold (for example, if cleaning will save 10GB space). Simply select your rules for cleaning.

Scheduling (PC only)
Go to: Options > Scheduling

This sets automatic cleaning at your chosen time, date and frequency. Simply select when you want cleaning to occur (so, for example, every Friday at 10am).

4. Silent updates

CCleaner Professional users benefit from a regular behind-the-scenes update which makes sure they have the latest version, to give them the best clean possible.

5. Cookie management
Go to: Options > Cookies

A cookie is a small file that a site can place on your hard drive which contains information about your last visit, such as your password. A default clean will delete cookies for all of your browsers except those marked to keep. This feature allows you to clean your computer without deleting your passwords.

The left ‘Cookies on computer’ column lists all cookies and the right ‘Cookies to keep’ column details which cookies to keep. Select a cookie and the arrows to move it between each column.

Hopefully these tips can tempt you away from the cleaning screen so you can start using more of CCleaner's functionality.

Give it a go
You can download CCleaner for PC here or CCleaner for Mac here.

If you have any comments please tweet us! We're @CCleaner.


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