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New Year's tech resolutions

Whether you’ve got this year off to a great start by sticking to your resolutions, or whether you’re back to your old habits (and wishing you hadn’t told anyone about your resolutions at all), we all know that fixing the areas of our lives which need improvement makes us happier.

Typical resolutions cover the basics (fitter body, better skills, bigger bank balance) but what about the other, less obvious areas of our lives? We all use computers and phones, right? Well, a little tweaking to the tech we use daily could make our lives feel a bit simpler, safer and more efficient.

Throughout the year we've blogged about how to make your tech life smarter. As we reach the time when many resolutions are becoming less… resolute, here’s our five favourite, simple tips to make your tech work harder for you:

1. Get your passwords in order
Prevent your personal data being compromised by spending ten minutes setting up a strong, secure passwords. If you manage a lot of online accounts, a password manager is about to become your new best friend.

2. Clean your gadgets - inside and out!
During their day-to-day use all computers and phones collect unnecessary files and data which slows them down. Using a cleaning tool, such as CCleaner, will remove junk build up to improve speed, protect your privacy and free up space by securely erasing tracking cookies and browser history, cleaning your cache and removing files you no longer need. CCleaner is available for PC, Android and Mac. Run CCleaner regularly to keep your devices your running good as new – all year round.
It’s easy to forget that viruses can live outside as well as inside your devices. Your keyboard, mouse and anything you touch is very likely to be harbouring a myriad of germs so get some disinfectant wipes and start wiping! 

3. Update software regularly
Running an operating system update, whether it’s for Windows (for your PC), Android or iOS (for your mobile or tablet), is vital to the long-term health of your device. Just some of the multitude of benefits you’ll get in return include protection from the latest security threats, bug fixes, stability improvements and of course, new features or functionality. If you’re updating your mobile device, you can add extended battery life to that list too.

4. Declutter your documents and desktop
Say goodbye to last year’s to-do lists and spend ten minutes deleting files you’ll never use again. To complete the job and save you time all year round, organise your device’s desktop or home screens, deleting apps you no longer use along the way. For a more thorough clean, run CCleaner to see a list of all applications installed on your machine, then delete those you never use as they are just taking up valuable space.

5. Make sure you’re shopping safely
Even if Christmas and New Year celebrations have had a negative effect on your bank balance, don’t make it easy for cybercriminals to go on a spending spree – with you picking up the tab. Keep these tips in mind when shopping online.

We hope these tips help! If you have any comments please tweet us. We're @CCleaner.

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