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We’ve reached 2 billion CCleaner downloads!

Today is a happy day at Piriform HQ as we’ve reached 2 billion CCleaner downloads – a huge milestone for a company born only twelve years ago.

To put that into perspective, 2 billion downloads equates to more than one download to every three people on earth. CCleaner now has a huge worldwide following and has been installed on devices in every single country (yes, every single one, even The Vatican!). Thanks to a legion of dedicated volunteers our desktop version of CCleaner is translated into 55 languages and counting, so people spanning the globe can enjoy using clean, fast PCs.

I’ve seen Piriform grow from a bedroom-based hobby to a full grown business with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Our objective always has been, and always will be, to create world class software tools that fix real world problems. I believe it’s this unwavering commitment to quality that has resulted in our huge CCleaner fan and user base. I am proud to count myself amongst those users, as barely a day goes by without me using one of Piriform’s tools.

This exciting milestone of 2 billion CCleaner downloads proves just how useful CCleaner is and how much our users value working and playing on devices which are clean, run faster and last longer.

CCleaner downloads now top 20 million per month and growing.

Thank you to you, our users, who made this possible.

From everyone at Piriform.

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