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Loading Speccy snapshots

Once you have saved a Speccy snapshot, you can load it at any time in the future on any computer running Speccy.

When you load a Speccy snapshot, it will open in a separate Speccy window (snapshot view). The snapshot view is frozen and will not change. For this reason, you cannot view interactive graphs in a snapshot view. You also cannot load or save snapshots, or save system information as XML in a snapshot view.

To load a Speccy snapshot

  1. In Speccy, click File and then click Load Snapshot.
  2. In the Open dialog box, select the .speccy file and then click Open. The snapshot file opens in a separate Speccy window.

Note: You can also open snapshot by dragging the file into Speccy. The snapshot file will open in a separate Speccy window.

You can only open .speccy files in Speccy, but you can export the information to XML or to the Web.