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Troubleshooting Speccy

If you have a problem with Speccy, you may find some of the answers in this topic.

Help! I can't save snapshots or XML files from Speccy, or load snapshots!

You are viewing a snapshot file in Speccy. In snapshot view, you cannot load or save snapshots, or save XML files. Close the snapshot view of Speccy and start Speccy again.

Help! I can load snapshots and save to XML, but I can't save a new snapshot!

When you start Speccy, it runs through an analysis phase as it scans your computer for hardware and software. During this process, you cannot save a snapshot and the menu option will be unavailable. Wait 15-30 seconds and try again.

Why does Speccy try to access the Internet?

During Speccy's analysis phase, it tries to access the network and Internet so that it can report on your IP address and the LAN or WiFi connection. It is not sending any identifiable information about your computer.

If you choose to publish a Speccy profile to the Web, Speccy will require access to the Internet.

 Running Speccy in debug mode