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Speccy Settings

You can change Speccy's settings by clicking View, and then Options from the main Speccy menu.

  • To change the user interface language, select it from the Language drop-down box.
    Speccy can be run in 18 languages: Albanian, Armenian, English, French (Français), Georgian, German (Deutsch), Hebrew, Hungarian (Magyar), Italian (Italiano), Japanese, Polish (Polski), Portuguese (Portugues), Russian, Spanish (Espanol), Swedish (Svenska), Turkish (Turkce), Vietnamese.
  • You can specify whether temperature readings are in Metric (C) or Imperial (F).

Save all settings to INI file

By default, Speccy's settings are saved in the Registry. If you select this option, they will be saved to the speccy.ini file in the Speccy program directory.

You can use this option to copy your Speccy settings to a new computer just by copying the speccy.ini file.

Also, once you've selected this setting, your desktop Speccy installation is now a portable installation. Simply copy the contents of the Speccy program directory onto a USB drive and you can use it on any other PC.