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Understanding the basic Results window

When the Recuva Wizard has completed, Recuva displays the Results window.

By default, Recuva shows the results in List View. You can change the view by right-clicking anywhere in the list and clicking View Mode:, then List View, Tree View, or Thumbnails View.

Once you have reviewed the results of Recuva's search, select the files you want to recover (or securely overwrite). The easiest way is to go through them and click the check boxes for the files you want.

If you are in List View or Thumbnails View, you can choose all files in a folder by right-clicking one of them and then clicking Highlight Folder, then the name of the folder.

Next, proceed to recover your files.

If you need to change Recuva's options or get more control over where and what Recuva scans, you can change over to Recuva's Advanced mode at any time by clicking Switch to advanced mode.