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Specifying file types

When you're using Recuva's Wizard mode, you can tell it to search for a type of file, or all files. Here are the file extensions Recuva uses for each selection:

Pictures - .JPG, PNG, .RAW, .GIF, .JPEG, .BMP

Music - .MP3, .WMA, .OGG, .WAV, .AAC, .M4A

Documents - .DOC, .XLS, .PPT, .ODT, .ODS, .PDF, .DOCX, .XLSX, .PPTX

Video - .AVI, .MOV, .MPG, .MP4, .FLV, .WMV

Compressed - .ZIP, .7Z, .RAR, .BZIP2, .GZIP, .TAR, .WIM, .XZ

Emails - deleted emails from Thunderbird, Outlook Express, or Windows Mail.

If you select Other, Recuva searches for all types of files (*.*).

Note: You can search for compressed files (.ZIP, for example), but you must do so in Advanced mode.

Once you've specified file types, click Next to specify file locations.