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Specifying file locations

When using Recuva's Wizard mode, you can tell it to only look in certain areas of your PC storage. This can minimize the number of files you have to look at to find the one you want. Here are the options, explained:

I'm not sure - Recuva searches all of the hard drives and removable media on your system.

On my media card - Recuva searches any memory cards, iPods, USB sticks, or USB/FireWire external hard drives you have plugged into your PC (except CDs and floppies).

In My Documents - Recuva searches your My Documents folder and all files and folders within it. Note: Recuva cannot search another user's My Documents folder even if it is on your PC. To do so, you have to log in as that user first.

In the Recycle Bin - Recuva searches for files you deleted from the Recycle Bin. Note: Any files in the Recycle Bin which have not yet been deleted/emptied will not show up in this search.

In a specific location - You can specify a drive or folder for Recuva to scan by selecting this option and then clicking the Browse... button. Also, if you know the exact file location you can enter it to file path text field. Note: Do not specify a CD, DVD, or other optical disk, since Recuva cannot recover files from these types of media.

Once you've specified file types, click Next to move on to the Thank You screen and optionally select a Deep Scan.