Specifying what to search for

Set these options in the main Recuva window

Drive or path

Select the drive you want Recuva to search from the drive drop-down box at left. The list in this box will only display drives Recuva can use.

If you want to search a specific folder on a drive, select the drive from the drop-down box at left, and then type the path name in the Filename or path drop-down box at right (in the format \windows). Recuva will search all files in the path's folder and subfolders.

File type

To restrict Recuva to searching only files of a particular type, select that type from the Filename or path drop-down box. To have Recuva search all file types, leave the drop-down box clear.

If you need to change or remove a file type from the drop-down box, select another file type from the drop-down box, or click the red X to remove it entirely.

File name

If you already know the file name you're looking for, type it into the Filename or path drop-down box. You can type a full file name (test.txt, for example), a partial file name (test, for example), or use standard Windows/DOS symbols to construct an advanced query (*.txt|*.mp3, for example).

Once you've set the options, click Scan and Recuva will search for matching files and display the results.

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