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Securely overwriting your files

Recuva gives you the option of securely overwriting files. This is useful if you deleted files using Windows Explorer (an insecure method) and want to ensure that they're wiped from your hard drive for good.

To securely overwrite files:

1.    Run Recuva in Advanced or in Wizard mode.

2.    In the results window, select the files you want to securely overwrite.

3.    Right-click the list and click Secure Overwrite Checked.

4.    You are prompted to confirm the deletion. Click Yes.

Warning: You cannot recover files once they have been securely overwritten.


  • You cannot securely overwrite recovered emails from the results window. See this topic for more explanation.
  • Secure overwrite does not affect file names, which continue to exist in the MFT (Master File Table). In order to overwrite names of deleted files, please use the Wipe MFT Free Space option in CCleaner.