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Quick Start: If you know the file names

You can speed up Recuva's search and recovery if you know all or part of the name of the file you're looking for:

  1. Start Recuva in Advanced mode. If the Wizard appears, select Do Not Show This Wizard on Startup and then click Cancel.
  2. In Recuva's main window, type all or part of the file name into the Filename or path box. Select the location you want to search from the drop-down box at left, and then click Scan.
  3. Recuva displays the progress of the scan, and then shows its search results in the main window. If the file(s) you're looking for aren't in the list, see below.
  4. Select the check boxes beside the file or files you want to restore. The color of the dot next to the file name indicates your chances for a successful recovery (green for excellent, orange for acceptable, and red for unlikely):
  5. Click Recover. Select a destination for the recovered files (ideally, on another drive). Click OK.

If Step 4 did not locate the files you were seeking, select Deep Scan in the Options dialog box on the Actions tab. Run Step 5 again. This advanced scan will take much longer (it can take hours).