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Searching for files

You can use Defraggler to analyze a drive, or you can use its new Search function to search for specific types of files.

For example, you might search for all files over a certain size, so that you can defragment all large files on your drive.

Or, you might search for all files in your \Program Files\ path, so you can defragment applications.

To search for files:

  1. In Defraggler, select the drive you want to search in the top window.
  2. Click the Search tab:
    Defraggler Search Pane
  3. Select one or more search options, and then click Search:
  • To find all files larger than (X) MB, select Are larger than: and type the minimum file size in MB.
  • To find all files smaller than (X) MB, select Are smaller than: and type the maximum file size in MB.
  • To find all files whose name or path contain a certain phrase, select Filename or path contains: and then type the phrase.


  • You can combine multiple search criteria.
  • You can use wildcards (? and * are supported) in the search box. This site provides more information on wildcard syntax.