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Problems running Defraggler

1. Defraggler will not run. The error message "Processing aborted due to: Access Rights" appears.

You can only run Defraggler using a Windows account that has administrator rights. Either log on as an administrator, or run Defraggler Portable.  If you are not an administrator, you'll be able to start Defraggler, but you won't be able to analyze or defragment drives.

2. After you run Defraggler in Windows Vista, there is less free hard drive space available.

When you run certain third-party programs (such as Defraggler), Windows Vista creates an automatic System Restore point for security reasons. This System Restore point takes up hard drive space. See this topic for more information on Windows Vista and shadow copies.

3. When you try to run Defraggler, you see a warning dialog box from ZoneAlarm firewall.

ZoneAlarm is a common security program. It checks for suspicious program behavior and alerts you if an unknown program starts to ask for access to system files or the Internet. If you run Defraggler for the first time when you have ZoneAlarm installed on your computer, you may see an alert from ZoneAlarm. You may also see an alert when Defraggler checks for an update.

Click Allow in the alert dialog box to let Defraggler continue. To avoid seeing any more alerts from ZoneAlarm about Defraggler, select Apply this setting to all suspicious behaviors exhibited by this application, and then click Allow.

Note: Defraggler contains no spyware or adware.

4. When you try to run Defraggler in Windows Vista, you see a User Account Control dialog box.

Windows Vista uses the User Account Control (UAC) feature to prevent users from accidentally running spyware or malware or making major changes to how Windows runs (see for more information). It does so by asking you to confirm when you are about to run certain programs.

When you start Defraggler, you may receive a UAC warning. Click Continue to use Defraggler.