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Priority and shutdown settings

You can set Defraggler to use more or less of your system resources. You can also set it to shut down your PC after it finishes defragging.

Priority Setting

Defragging hard drives can take a lot of time and a fair bit of processing power. Defraggler lets you set its priority when it runs - how much of your computer's processing that's dedicated to its defragging.

For example, if you're busy doing video editing work and want to defrag your drive, you can lower Defraggler's priority to Background. On the other hand, if you're only doing light tasks, or if you are stepping away from your computer, you can let Defraggler run at Normal priority.

To change Defraggler's priority:

  1. From the main program window, select Settings, and then select Priority.
  2. Select either Normal or Background.

You can change Defraggler's priority at any point while it is analyzing or defragging drives.

Shutdown Setting

If you're running Defraggler as the last task of the day, you may want your PC to shut down after it's finished. The Shutdown after Defrag setting automatically closes any open files and applications and shuts down your PC.

To set Defraggler to shut down after operation:

  • From the main program window, select Settings, and then select Shutdown after Defrag.