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Changing Drive Map View

Defraggler Drive Map Settings

You can set custom colors for each type of block in Defraggler's Drive Map and also change the visual styles.

To change a view mode:

  1. In Defraggler's main menu, click Settings, and then click Drive Map.
  2. There are 3 options to choose from. Modern View is the default visual style designed specially for the new version of the Drive Map. Original View allows you to make Defraggler look like it used to in Version 1. Finally the Custom View provides you with the chance to tweak every aspect of the Drive Map to your liking:
    • Minimum block width/height can be chosen from range: 1-19
    • Style:
      • Gradient – drive map's blocks will be displayed as tiled map
      • Plain - drive map's blocks will be displayed as flat map
    • Mode:
      • Bars – sections of the Drive Map with the same colors will be merged and displayed as bars
      • Blocks - the Drive map will be composed of individual squares
    • To change colors of blocks click Colors tab. Then click the color box next to the item and select a new color. To reset the color to its default setting, click on it to and select Default.
  3. Click Ok.

Note: Try to avoid setting the same color for more than one item, to avoid confusion when interpreting the Drive Map.