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Using the File Finder

CCleaner’s File Finder enables you to quickly locate duplicate files on your PC.

Over time, you may end up with more than one copy of documents, videos, movies, photos, or other files. These duplicates take up space on your hard drive, and can make it hard to keep track of where files are and which files you’ve made changes to.

The File Finder looks through the drives and folders you specify for files that match based on file name, file size, and the date the file was modified. Then it gives you the option to remove duplicates.

You can customize where the File Finder looks, what it looks for when matching, and what files it ignores…and it never removes any files until you tell it to.

How to find duplicate files:

  1. In CCleaner, click the Tools icon, and then click File Finder.
  2. Scroll down and click the Search button.

Once the File Finder has finished looking for duplicates, you’ll see a list of them. You can now work with the results list to select and delete duplicate files.

You can also change File Finder options.