Working with the Detailed Results pane

When you click Analyze or Run Cleaner in the Cleaner section of CCleaner, you can choose to view the Detailed Results pane, which displays a list of files which will be deleted.

CCleaner - Detailed Results ListAn example of a Detailed Results list in CCleaner.

  • The detailed results are for the category in the upper-right-hand corner (in this case, Windows Explorer - Recent Documents). To view detailed results for another category, select a category from the drop-down box. To see detailed results for all categories, click the red X.
  • To sort the list by description or by size, click the Description or Size headers.
  • To see a specific item in Windows Explorer, right-click it, and then click Open containing folder. (Note: not all files can be viewed this way)
  • To exclude an item, right-click it in the Detailed Results list, and then click Add to Exclude List. It will then appear on the Exclude List in the Options section.
  • To save a log of all of the detailed results, right-click any item in the list, and then click Save to text file…
  • To return to the summary results pane, click View summary results.

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