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Problems after you have run CCleaner

1. You've run CCleaner, and now there's an issue with Windows.

In the rare situation where your use of CCleaner has caused a problem with Windows, you can easily repair the situation using the backup you made before you ran CCleaner.

These steps will set the Registry back to the way it was:

a. Using Windows Explorer, navigate to the folder with the Registry backup (a file with the extension .REG). By default, CCleaner stores these backups in your My Documents folder.

b. Double-click the Registry file. You are prompted to confirm the action:

c. Click Yes to restore the Registry.

2. When you try to restore a Registry backup in Windows XP, it fails. (Advanced)

Windows may no longer recognize .REG files as belonging to the Windows Registry (a file association error). This procedure may fix the problem:

a. Download the third-party file REG File Association Fix at

b. Unzip this file to your desktop.

c. From the Windows Start menu, click Start, and then click Run.

d. In the Run dialog box, type regedit and then click OK. The Registry Editor appears.

e. In the Registry Editor, click File, and then click Import...

f. In the Import Registry File dialog box, browse to the desktop. Select the Registry file you unzipped in Step 2, and then click Open.

Note: We provide this solution for information purposes only. This is not a recommendation or endorsement of third-party software.

3. CCleaner closes after it finishes the cleaning process.

You can choose whether you want CCleaner to quit or remain available once you've finished running the Cleaning process:

a. In CCleaner, click the Options icon at left, and then click Advanced.

b. Select or clear Close program after cleaning.

4. Issues you have selected to be fixed continue to appear in the Issues list on later scans. (Advanced)

This may be a result of errors with Windows registry permissions. You may use the Windows utility regedit.exe to change these. But this is not recommended for anyone to do, unless you're an advanced user.