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Installation problems

  1. The installer displays an 'error opening file for writing' error.

You will see this error message if you are trying to install CCleaner without being logged in as an administrator:

Or, if you are running Windows 7 as a non-administrator, you may see this error message:


Solution #1 (pre-Windows 7 error): The first dialog box may appear if a previous version of CCleaner is running when you run the installer. Wait a few seconds, and then click Retry. If this does not work, try solution #2.

Solution #2: Log in as an administrator and then run the installation program, or contact your system administrator for assistance.


Alternative solution: Use CCleaner Portable which you have installed on a USB drive using another computer. It may have limited functionality if you are not using an administrator account.

Note: Once CCleaner has been installed, you can run it without being logged in as an administrator, but it may not be able to clean certain files and folders.