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Smart Cleaning for web browsers (CCleaner Professional)

To set up automatic cleaning for web browsers:

  1. In CCleaner Professional, click Options, and then click Smart Cleaning.
  2. Select Enable automatic browser cleaning. All installed browsers should be displayed.
  3. For each browser, select one of the following actions when you quit the browser:
  • Disabled – no action will be taken.
  • Prompt me to clean on closing – CCleaner will display a balloon notification in the system tray asking if you want to clean the browser when you quit it.
  • Automatically clean on closing with notification – CCleaner will clean the browser, and then display a balloon notification in the system tray to show that it has done so.
  • Automatically clean on closing without notification – CCleaner will clean the browser silently.

Note: When automatic browser cleaning is selected, CCleaner will use the settings in the Custom Clean section to clean the browser(s).

Browser has been closed

You will see this window when Smart Cleaning has detected that one of your web browsers has been closed.

Browser has been cleaned

After CCleaner has cleaned the browser, this notification will confirm that cleaning is completed and the amount of space that has been saved.