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Scheduling (CCleaner Professional)

If you want to schedule a clean at a later time, or if you wish to set CCleaner to run regularly without you having to lift a finger, then CCleaner has a scheduler tool just for this.

CCleaner Settings

To schedule CCleaner to run at specific times:

  1. From the main window, select Options, then Settings and then click the Run CCleaner on a Schedule option.
  2. In the Period area, choose how often you want CCleaner to run (daily, weekly or monthly) or when at Logon.
  3. Select the date and time when you want CCleaner to start.

CCleaner Scheduling


  • CCleaner requires the Windows Task Scheduler service to be running for scheduling to work.
  • CCleaner runs as a scheduled Windows task. You can view the task in the Scheduled Tasks applet from the Control Panel.