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Changing advanced settings

If you're interested in streamlining CCleaner's operations, if you want to review certain logs, or change certain other behavior, you'll find this section of interest.

Note: As the topic heading states, these settings are for advanced users. If you change settings you may enable CCleaner to run some tasks without asking you first. Please be careful!


To modify advanced settings:

In CCleaner, click the Options icon at left, and then click the Advanced button. Make desired changes as follows.

Item Description
Only delete files in Windows Temp folders older than 24 hours Selected by default. This prevents CCleaner from deleting temporary files that may be currently in use.
Hide warning messages Useful if you want to run CCleaner in silent or batch mode.
Close program after cleaning Useful if you want to run CCleaner in silent or batch mode. See also Command-line parameters.
Show prompt to backup registry issues You are prompted to backup your registry to a .REG file before CCleaner runs. Selected by default.
Show initial results Useful if you want to see the detailed results pane just after the analysis is finished.
Enable Windows Jump List Tasks Allows you to use CCleaner functions when its window is minimized to the taskbar.
Minimize to System Tray Useful if you want to run CCleaner in silent or batch mode.
Save all settings to INI file By default, CCleaner's settings are saved in the Registry. If you select this option, they will be saved to the ccleaner.ini file in the CCleaner program directory.

You can use this option to copy your CCleaner settings to a new computer just by copying the ccleaner.ini file.

Also, once you've selected this setting, your desktop CCleaner installation is now a portable installation. Simply copy the contents of the CCleaner program directory onto a USB drive and you can use it on any other PC.